Barbie fa cultura

Barbie irrompe nei capolavori dell’arte grazie a  Jocelyne Grivaud
Una bambola bionda veste i panni delle donne che hanno fatto la storia dell’arte: da Monna Lisa a ‘La ragazza con l’orecchino di perla’ di Vermeer, dalla Venere di Milo a Nefertiti. Così Barbie, che ha poco più di 50 anni, diventa un capolavoro senza tempo. Il merito è dell’artista Jocelyne Grivaud, geniale nel modificare la bambola per renderla simile alle opere scelte. “Barbie è spesso criticata per essere troppo bionda, troppo superficiale, troppo “questo” e “quello” – dice la Grivaud a proposito dei suoi lavori – E quindi il mio obiettivo è stato quello di aggiustare il suo profilo in modo che assomigliasse alle icone più popolari e apprezzate della storia”.

Man Ray
He was one of the leaders of the Dada Movement, then of Surrealism. His photographic research will make this art change beyond the mere reproduction of reality.
Plump or skinny figure, the melody of a back always sets the tone.
If there is one name that intimately associates the image of the woman and mother, Mary is the one.
I will not  dwell on the story of Mary and  the concept of Blessed Virgin, many others have done it and will do it again.
This biblical story gave birth to so many representations of the concept of motherhood, 2000 years of portraits of the most famous and most represented woman in the world…
From splendid frescoes to Russian icons, from nativities to entombments of Christ, from majestic paintings to popular pictures of catachism or subversive representations, Mary sanctifies all the highlights of the lives of women.
Barbie, Mary, superposition appeared to be indispensable.


La Jeune Fille à la Perle” (around 1665 -1666) Mauritshuis Museum in La Haye.
Scarlett Johansson. Eponymous film adapted from Tracy Chevalier’s novel.
Vermeer masters the art of bringing out the lights of the North, the sweet things or the tempo of every day life.
Comparing the portrait of a young girl, both serene and a little anxious, with Barbie’s face with her side and confident look was fascinating.


Guy Bourdin 
He was a photographer. His photos of women as fashion icons are intense and quite personal. His work will durably influence the work on pictures in the advertising and fashion industry.
I love Guy Bourdin’s photos, the way he considered Women, the intensity of the make up, the overcharged colours, the technical mastery of the shooting work (Photoshop didn’t exist to clean the pictures..)
Is Barbie immortal, like any doll?


( Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel )
There’s no need to introduce this lady known as Coco or Mademoiselle. She invented a style that revolutionized fashion. I like the idea of this perceptive lady; she managed to master the constrains of fashion to create her own style: “Chanel” forever.
I like the idea of Barbie living at the Ritz.

Helmut Newton
He started taking photos at the age of 16 with Else Simon. His style had a strong influence on the image of women through fashion pictures.
I like the intensity of this portrait, balanced between violence and feminity.

Andy Warhol
“Fifteen minutes of celebrity”
I like Warhol’s graphic work, the transformation of movie stars’ photos, always represented free from weak points; his black and white pictures coloured, shaping the indefinite effects of a roughly marked serigraphy.
So here come Barbie’s fifteen minutes of celebrity.


Erwin Blumenfeld
American photographer of German origin.
He takes part in the Dada Movement, then starts his career as a photographer in the early thirties. He emigrates to America in 1941.
This Vogue cover is sublime. The way the face is represented on the photo refers to geishas’ traditional makeup; it emphasizes the so typical look of the fifties; the typographical balance is perfect.
It seems to me that Barbie’s face was directly shaped from this picture, without the “Discrete”.
PS: For those who ignore what a “Discrete” is, it’s the beauty spot drawn on the face side, between the mouth and the chin.


Venus of Milo
Discovered in 1820 in Milo one of the Aegean Sea islands.
Supposed representation of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love.
At the present time, the statue is in the Louvre, in Paris.
Confrontation of two canons of beauty.
From Ancient Greece to a fantasized representation of womankind in the sixties, the gap was … sidereal!
Transforming Barbie through coating meant to cancel the colors, draping cloth to emphasize her hips and belly was great fun. The plastic body looks so stiff, so expressionless, that it makes it highly malleable.
Barbie’s smile looks less stupid when you wipe out the colors.


Portrait of Mina Lisa, known as The Joconde.
Leonardo da Vinci
It’s certainly the most famous smile in the world.
As a consequence, superimposing it to the smile of the world famous doll became a must.
Working on the photo background was rather sharp because the painting shows a rich background scenery. It allows your imagination to wander about, in the way of Mona Lisa, who seems to be bored.
The making of the costume was delicate; Mona Lisa’s dress is quite simple, but fitting it to Barbie’s scale was pretty complicated.
In a word, the main point was obvious: confronting the two smiles was patently evident..


Edouard Manet 

Inspired by The Titian, Olympia caused a scandal. Manet didn’t show it at the “Salon des refusés” but he did, two years later. It asserted him as the Avant-Garde movement great painter.
Among all the painters who showed women in the mythic posture of odalisques, Olympia by Manet is far the most soul stirring one for me. The model’s expression and posture look contemporary to me; she’s both proud and revengeful. Not an ounce of indolence or languor. Everything is under strain.
Declared nudity, claimed job, Manet managed to emphasize an unbelievable willpower through his model’s eyes.
So, Barbie, naked in an alcove, wondering whether the person walking forward with flowers is worth her attention… It appeared to be a wonderful theme to develop; Barbie’s smile is so innocent! Moreover I discovered a personal talent as a tapestry maker to create the red silk mattress.


Fonte: Barbiemuse



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